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Marghzar Welfare Society was established with a mission to stimulate

inclusive education for special children.

Mrs. Samina Akhtar


Mrs. Samina Akhtar founded Marghzar Welfare Society in 1994. She is a well trained professional and Diploma Holder of Training Deaf (TD) with over 20 years of experience in the special education sector. She has had the opportunity to train hundreds of diploma students in the renowned TD program of Government Teacher Training College for the Deaf, Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan, and at the same time lead Marghzar with her grit and hands-on approach

Mrs. Samina, a graduate of Physical Education, had experienced, in her early twenties, the pain parents of special needs children feel, and how much of a help a society extends to them This made her conceive of Marghzar Welfare Society, and its inclusive education program

A member of Rotary Club, and Inner Wheel, Mrs. Samina has been bestowed with numerous awards and accreditations for her work for special children through Marghzar Welfare Society


Our Management

Mr. Saleh Mirza

(Head - Projects and Initiatives) 

Mr. Saleh Mirza is the Head of Projects and Initiatives. He has worked with a private equity, Knightsbridge Capital Group, for the last 5 years. In his last project, he commissioned a USD 3 Million fruit pulping plant in Multan. Mr. Saleh graduated from LUMS in 2014 with a Politics and Economics degree.

Mr. Javed Awan

(Manager Administration and Finance) 

Mr. Javed Awan has been the Manager Administration and Finance of MWS for the last two years He has been retired from Punjab Wildlife dept as a District Wildlife Officer He has more than 30 years experience of in administration and project management in his department.

Ms. Farheen Akram

(Manager Education) 

Ms. Farheen Akram has been with MWS for more than 7 years and has experience in the education sector that spans over a career of 8 years. She completed her Masters in Education and is well versed in all the matters of children without special needs.

Ms. Sobia Nawaz

(Manager Special Education) 

Ms. Sobia Nawaz joined MWS in 2017 and has experience in the special education sector that spans over 7 years. She completed her Masters in Special Education and is well versed in all the matters concerning special needs children.

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